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Catherine Lacey

€ 19,95
From the author of Nobody is Ever Missing comes a bold new novel about 'The Girlfriend Experiment', an attempt to break love into its component parts, and the dizzying, disturbing results

After a year and a half of undiagnosable illnesses and pains, Mary finally finds a strange treatment that works. If only it weren’t so expensive… In order to earn a lot of money fast, she signs up for a project called ‘The Girlfriend Experiment,’ masterminded by famous Hollywood actor Kurt. The goal of the experiment is to find out whether perfect relationships can be achieved if each of many girlfriends serves a single role. Mary is to play the role of the Emotional Girlfriend and appears to be a very good fit for the job. But when Kurt’s attachment intensifies, Mary becomes more and more entangled and the possibility of real love seems impossible to reach.

The Answers is a surreal, modern and often funny novel about love and the dizzying, troubling results of a bizarre and narcissistic experiment. Catherine Lacey was selected by British magazine Granta as one of the ‘Best of Young American Novelists’ of 2017.

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